Munich Conference 2023
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with Anne Schadde, Rajan Sankaran, Michal Yakir, Dinesh Chauhan, Resie Moonen, Susan Sonz, Massimo Mangialavori & Farokh Master.

From June 16-18, 2023, the 33rd Munich Homeopathy Days was held in the lecture hall of the Hospital for Naturopathic ...

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My week with Rajan (14-22 January and 23-28 January 2024)

Today we would like to point out another teaching opportunity in India. A training for all users of the Sensation Method. Look over the master's shoulders and learn how to apply this beautiful in your own practice.

Where: Mumbai (The Other Song) ...

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Dear friends and colleagues,

on 11th June 2023 Dr Rajan Sankaran’s latest book “Superclasses in Homeopathy” was launched online. This event saw an interview of Dr Rajan by Jürgen Weiland, President of WISH ( World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy).

It included inputs from other contributors to the book including an inspiring discussion ...

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Wednesday 21st - Saturday 24th of June 2023

Location: Dobrovâț, Jud. Iași, Romania Venue: Cabana Poieni, Dobrovâț

A unique workshop and retreat in the beautiful nature of Romania.

What is WISE? "Witnessing the inner song experience" Witnessing means observing from a distance, without judgement, without wanting it ...

Gate of India - Mumbai
My week with Rajan
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Upcoming Special Event

My week with Rajan (16-24 January and 26-30 January 2023)

Besides an intensive teaching time behind the scenes of Rajan's daily practice in Mumbai, there is also the possibility to attend a retreat led by him afterwards. I remember well how formative my first visit to Theothersong ...

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Dr. Rajan Sankaran, the founder of the Sensation method, in a conversation with Rajiv Mehrotra on Healing Our Minds. Rajan will also be speaking during the ONE WISH conference 2022 (6-10 May 2022), where he explains his latest discoveries of the Sub- and Superclasses.

A conversation between Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Rajiv Mehrotra ...

The Realm of Fungi
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This year's WISH Online Congress

May 6-10, 2022

Early bird tickets available till 10th of April 2022.

I am looking forward to 5 more educational days where long experienced practitioners share their knowledge. This year we are focusing on recognizing kingdoms, sub- and superclasses. For the topic I could again win some exciting ...


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