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Dr. Rajan Sankaran, the founder of the Sensation method, in a conversation with Rajiv Mehrotra on Healing Our Minds. Rajan will also be speaking during the ONE WISH conference 2022 (6-10 May 2022), where he explains his latest discoveries of the Sub- and Superclasses.

A conversation between Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Rajiv Mehrotra ...

Vital Quest
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In preparation for the ONE WISH-conference (7-11 May 2021) , I interviewed our WISH member Paresh Vasani about his personal journey as a homeopath and software developer. Dr. Vasani will demonstrate the use of Synergy Homeopathic Software (SHS) and Vital Quest (the expert system for Sensation method ...

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Today we like to share an interesting interview with one of our WISH members.

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, homeopath and psychiatrist has been interviewed for the homeopathic online journal by Vatsala Spering. Dr. Gandhi talks about emotional trauma, addiction, gender issues and much more.

Here you can find the full interview:


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