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Considerations on the Corona-ZEITGEIST!

The Zeitgeist 2020 offers continuous reorientations in our lives. There is no blueprint for the present time. However, the question arises: Is there really a blueprint for any period in people's lives? If I can recognize the light in any time, I can see the new and what starts rising more clearly.

In the homeopathic practice we experience a wave-like movement: during the beginning of the crisis it was the prevailing fears that were experienced differently. Fear is a phenomenon, an important warning of dangers that can threaten us. However, if the fear becomes too big, it can be a hindrance in life. This fear can become a magnet for the object of the feared. Fear is caused by a concrete threat, but fear is usually diffuse, something threatening, which 'can happen' and therefore cannot be controlled, could happen. Therefore, it makes sense to let in awareness, so that the attraction ceases and clear thinking can re-emerge.

My recommendation is therefore, in addition to the numerous homeopathic remedies for anxieties, which must be selected individually, to invite our patients to be aware. I recommend the following exercise: "Allow yourself to perceive this fear for e.g. 10 minutes or 30 minutes, then open the window or the door and give this fear energy to the fresh air and now move on to something from your daily routine“. In this way the fear - with the more obstructive than helpful energy - is not suppressed, but it can be limited in time and space by becoming aware.

The neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, recommends overcoming the elementary protective function of fear by learning to look at the good, the healthy things that surrounds us several times a day. This "looking at the good" must be trained and practiced in order to be able to perceive it deeply. The capacity for compassion, gratitude and determination are the keys to resilience and thus also to a more stable state of health (§ 9 Organon "In the healthy state of man ...")

Another reaction during this time is anger and protest at restrictions, the wearing of masks, distance regulations, etc. And of course even further - in the possible future - the anger and fear of vaccinations and further attacks. So anger is connected with fear or anxiety and represents only another side of the possible reaction. Here, too, it is important to become aware of the many possibilities of unfolding life and to remain more in the present moment.

All these reactions must of course be considered and treated individually. The momentary quality of time, however, is the call for an awakening from illusions, ideas, desires and projections, the beginning of the possible awakening of human awareness.

Aristotle said, "So then every man of knowledge avoids excess and lack, and seeks and chooses the middle." An "expert" is someone who knows his way around, who can consciously observe the quality of time, the ZEITGEIST, and does not remain at the extreme of his own view. Thus it is more helpful to look for the "boredom" of the middle. Fear and anger polarize, and therefore the middle is the "good" choice. As Bert Hellinger put it: "The middle feels light.“

In the meantime it can be observed that the fear of infection has subsided a little. The progressive development promotes a turn towards the "old" complaints. They now mix with the situations of the present.

The Zeitgeist makes it possible that old wounds have to be opened in order to be healed. Old conflicts show themselves in a new light (Corona = the shadow of the sun) and can now be seen through with greater clarity. Patients who have experienced a kind of indecision for a long time with problems on different levels (physical or psychological) can see their life situation more clearly during this time. It appears in a new light and thus further or different solutions become possible. This process of recognition can also be expected in everyday life, in professional life, new doors will open up. That is the challenge of this time. Accompanying patients at this point without fear and with courage and trust is essential. Because trust in a new time presupposes that the future will show itself, the ZEITGEIST will unfold. Robert Jungk, the future thinker and inventor says: "The future has already begun but it can still be changed, if it is recognized in time.“

I had a "lucid" dream about this: a baby sits on an open hard disk, the wires of the hard disk are visible.The baby is wearing nappies, that’s why it can’t be hurt. It "broadcasts" something into the world.

A lucid dream can be understood and explained from both the personal and the collective unconscious. The hard disk is opened, which has stored all the old information. The (sycotic?) cover has disappeared. The old wounds, which were held during the course of life, become visible. However, the young life is protected from the injuries. On the collective level, this opening allows the old wisdom to come out and be "trumpeted" into the world. So on the personal level, the biography of each individual (stored on the personal hard disk) plays an important role in the overall concert of human development. Because it is about a disease that affects everyone, in different ways and therefore healing is a common process.

Is this now the beginning of a paradigm shift, the beginning of a new era? How do we experience the "call"? What can we homeopaths contribute?

"Know thyself," it said on the plaques of the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Hahnemann says in § 141 of the Organon about "...those tests of the pure effects of simple remedies... which the healthy, unprejudiced, conscientious, sensitive physician makes on himself... are the most excellent". And further he mentions in footnote2 "Furthermore, by such strange observations of himself, partly for the understanding of his own feelings, his way of thinking and his mind (the basic being of all wisdom 'Gnothi seauton (γνῶθι σεαυτόν)' = 'Know thyself', but partly, what no physician may lack, he is educated to be an observer“.

Therefore, we homeopaths are called upon to recognize what is happening in the world through the ZEITGEIST. To recognize oneself goes hand in hand with the recognition of the other, Hahnemann gave us this hint. In his time he observed exactly which substances served as homeopathic remedies. In this way he gave us an insight into the spirit of the times of that epoch and, according to the principle of similarity, corresponded to that time.

So we (my group of colleagues) decided to choose a remedy for the time. It was a common process as it is appropriate for that time.

Which substance corresponds to the new that arises from the old? Which kingdom of nature encompasses everything? Mineral - plant - animal?

We chose the realm of fungi, a special kingdom (don't we have a special time now?)! There is something mysterious about mushrooms, they have always been used in alchemy and spiritual traditions to connect with the realm beyond our consciousness. They are mysterious, of great benefit to nature (we are confronted with a mysterious virus while nature is recovering at the same time!).

The mycelium of the mushrooms is not visible, underground a dense network is formed, a communication network (like the World Wide Web ). The mushroom itself is only the fruiting body. Fungal mycelia penetrate into tissue (e.g. wood) and destroy the old, weak, sick and help to prepare it for new life.

Speed is also essential. After long underground preparation, the fruiting body shoots out of the ground, supposedly out of nowhere. (Wasn't the Corona disease the emergence of an infection that nobody had expected?) Fungi intervene in cell division. (Doesn't this infection intervene in all our lives?)

We decided to use a medicinal mushroom that has been used in China and Japan for thousands of years: Reishi (Japanese), Ling Zhi (Chinese), Ganoderma lucidum (Latin), glänzender Lackporling (German). In the old tradition it was considered a precious elixir of life that can prolong the life span. Also in phytotherapy this mushroom is attributed unusual powers.

After the trituration in the Enzian pharmacy in Munich a HAMSE (proving) took place. My thanks go to the colleagues who provided their records and knowledge during the preparation of this medicine. Anneliese Barthels with her extensive knowledge of the mushrooms helped with the preparation of the Materia Medica, which can be read on my website with all the symptoms and experiences that came up.

Some striking hints made it possible to look at the Corona Zeitgeist:

Experiences of resistance, of self-restraint with crossing the boundaries of others, either verbally or physically with the desire to hurt (AND also to expose?) but also yielding and devotion emerged. (Topics of mushrooms in general)

The transcendence of the mushroom world opened in the fear of the dissolution of the physical and being influenced by other worlds. Everything will be uncovered, so that nothing can be kept under lock and key.

Another interesting coincidence raised while we were occupied with the fungal remedy was the increased appearance of bumblebees and many rainbows. From the popular literature the bumblebee paradox is known. (The bumblebee has 0.7 cm² wing area and weighs 1.2 grams. According to the laws of aerodynamics it is impossible to fly at this ratio. The bumblebee does not care and it flies anyway. Or since the bumblebee does not know the laws of aerodynamics, it flies anyway). Perhaps the challenge to the Corona time to be confident in something you are not necessarily equipped for. In addition, the courage to allow the new age to unfold in the trust in the variety of possibilities like the colours of the rainbow, as the double reflection of light.

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